Tomorrow we will be celebrating the 4th of July—the day the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence declaring America’s sovereignty … now try explaining that to a three-year-old!! Good luck with that! It’s true that to children (and sometimes adults), the 4th of July can quickly become just another day of BBQs, picnics and fun; but children love to learn, so why not try to teach them what the holiday is really about? Here are a few simple tips on how to this:

  • Have your child play with the colors: red, white and blue. You can set up a “messy” table with playdough, water colors, or finger paints and ask them to paint the flag. After they’re done, just let them have fun!
  • If you’re having a BBQ, have someone come up with six simple designs for face painting. Draw all six designs on a sheet of paper and have the children choose which design they like best (think stars, stripes, the Liberty Bell, etc.). Explain what the image represents—they’ll love sharing that bit of information with others!
  • Print out several coloring pages of presidents, the Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, etc. from sites that offer free printables. Set up a box of crayons and let them color away! Kids are always fascinated by new things; chances are they’ll have plenty of questions for you about the images they are coloring.

Do you have any fun ideas for 4th of July activities? Please share them with us! Whatever activity you chose, just make sure to have fun and be safe! Happy Fourth of July!!


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